Kinesio® Taping

As a Certified Kinesio® Taping Practitioner Elite CKTP+ and Certified Kinesio® Taping Techniques Instructor, I use Kinesio® Tape for:

Muscle Facilitation and Inhibition – Strengthening weak muscles and releasing tight muscles which are causing pain and decreased range of motion and ability to function correctly. Muscle range of motion and strength is tested and the application of Kinesio® tape is used to rectify the muscle imbalance by neurofeedback messages to the brain and the muscles. This treatment is used throughout the world including the Olympics to improve the performance of muscles.

Non-Pharmaceutical Pain Management (Provides pain control free of chemical side effects) – After testing for pain messages and their origins, Kinesio® Tape is applied in a method dependant on the individual situation. Direction and tension of the taping is specific to the results of the testing

Post-Traumatic Physical Rehabilitation – The use of Kinesio® Tape is a gentle solution to traumatic injuries. The tape is applied very lightly and allows the neurofeedback model to gently support and change the area of injury. Each taping is teasted on the client to ensure increased pain relief and improved range of motion

Swelling and Edema – Kinesio® Taping techniques are used to move swelling away from sites of swelling and trauma as well as Edema

Management of New and Existing Scars – Kinesio® Taping effectively and easily reduces pitting scars and adhesions to the under lying layers of shins, muscle and fascia

Ligament and Joint Correction– Kinesio® Taping when applied with knowledge and testing helps to correct the positioning of joints thus allowing correct muscle development as well as supporting ligaments.

‘TAPE WITH WISDOM’ The Kinesio Taping Method® is about creating a suitable circumstance for self-healing. Tape with Wisdom refers to the skill level of our medical professionals, but that is only part of the point. As Dr. Kase notes, “There is wisdom in Kinesio® Tape itself.” The Kinesio® Tape product line, including four different specifically purposed tapes and a range of tape configurations, offers tapes with wisdom inherent in their actual physical qualities. In accord with the Hippocratic Oath to “Do No Harm”, Dr. Kase and Kinesio’s 40 year journey of discovery has led to insights into the body’s powerful natural healing intelligence and the beneficial effect “wise” taping can have. The education program created to share those insights informs Kinesio® Tape just as fully as the tape informs the education programs. Symbolizing decades of research and unparalleled quality Kinesio® starts at the surface of the body to stimulate fluid movement. Tape with Wisdom responds to the body’s intelligent power together with Kinesio® practitioners whose knowledge of observation and assessment are able to activate the natural healing power of the body” – Kinesio® University October 2019