Heather Lever

Heather Lever Dip Massage Therapy, Dip. Aromatherapy, PNZROHA, Trigenist, CKTP

My Craniosacral journey started as a teenager when I knew I needed a lot of bodywork and I found Craniosacral work to suit my body. I continue to use it for myself to this day. Both my children received it as babies and along the way as they grew. I felt drawn to learn this therapy as I worked alongside the midwives and saw what families went through with newborns. Knowing how this therapy helped my family and myself, I knew that this was the next modality to learn after years of working full time as a Massage Therapist, Aromatherapist and Fitness instructor. Firstly in the Duke St Medical Centre in Cambridge and since 2004 alongside the Midwives at the Cambridge Midwives clinic. I am a Level 6 Massage Therapist with Massage New Zealand.

So, 2012 started my training with the Upledger Institute. My courses are in both New Zealand and Australia. I have followed the curriculum and was proud to finally be able to do the Paediatric Level One and Two training in Sydney in 2017. These courses have been pivotal to my work not only on babies but also on Adults and older children and teenagers. It is a privilege to use this modality to facilitate wellbeing in my clients.

While I was busy working with women and children in my clinic, my children were rapidly growing. As very active sports people they needed constant treatments and help to ensure they competed at their optimum levels. This quickly grew to working with their teammates to keep the whole team on the field in sports such as rugby as well as supporting the athletic club members at athletics meets.

This brought me into training as Certified Kinesio Taping Practitioner in 2018. Followed quickly by becoming qualified to teach the Kinesio Taping Techniques Course. One of only 2 practitioners currently qualified to teach in New Zealand. This therapy has had huge impacts on not only my clinic settings but also my children’s sports teams. I traveled to America and Canada in April 2018 with the Morrinsville College Development Rugby team as the team therapist and medic. A fantastic tour ensuring that all but 3 boys were fully fit to play rugby at the end. 

Teaching the Kinesio Taping Techniques Course to the community allows me to pass my knowledge on so that others learn to “Tape with knowledge” So important to know what and how to tape those you are wanting to help.

While I work as a Body Therapist there is also another important part of my world. I am also a Sharemilker and have beautiful big Holstein Friesian cows. They are an important part of my world and keep me grounded. My joy is to walk amongst them and have big hugs, licks and frequent bunts from them. I take 2 -3 months from 20th June for calving and dedicate myself to looking after the calves. This is hugely important to me and allows me to have life balance.   

I look forward to meeting you in the near future and to help facilitate your journey to wellbeing.