At Vital Body Therapy, Heather Lever specialises in Craniosacral and Manual Body Therapies for people at all ages and stages of life, whether it be over 70 year olds or 30 years olds to teenagers, children, pregnancy and newborn babies . At each stage of life our bodies change and need different therapies to relax, recover and revive and strengthen them.

Each treatment session is individualised to the needs of the client. Taking the skills from over 30 years of constant training and treating clients, Heather blends the techniques to allow the body to find a new pattern. Muscles, peripheral and cranial nerves, viscera, fascia, joints, autonomic nervous system, – all are addressed to allow the body to finding its new pattern to strength, movement and rest.

Craniosacral Therapy can be used for newborn babies who don’t sleep or feed well. For children and teenagers with muscle pain or learning difficulties and of course for adults at any age of life to support them during stress, post physical trauma, pain and everyday living

Manual Body Therapies including Trigger Point and Fascial Release as well as Corrective Exercise Programming, Trigenics, Kinesiotaping, Neural and Visceral Manipulation, are used to help facilitate optimal posture and reduced structural pain levels.

Over our life time our bodies change and evolve, therefore it is vital we do the best for them. Finding the therapy or therapies and the therapist that suits you at the moment is our gift to ourselves

Heather Lever – who owns Vital Body Therapy, works with each client to individualise their treatment in order to address the overall picture for long term wellbeing. With over 30 years experience, she loves working with people of all ages and stages of life – From newborns and teenagers to the active sportsperson and pregnancy to those in their retirement years.

Vital Body Therapy is located within the Cambridge Midwives clinic in Cambridge and also at the Morrinsville Community house. Each clinic is 25 minutes from Hamilton and Matamata.